October 2016

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Message from KOGA Executive Director

Register for the KOGA Christmas Party

Owensboro Hosts Successful KOGA Western KY Meeting

KOGA Featured in American Oil and Gas Reporter

Take the American Energy Challenge During National Energy Awareness Month

Mark Your Calendar! 2017 Annual Meeting Location and Date Announced!

The 2017 KOGA Annual Meeting will be July 19-20 at the Marriott Griffin Gate in Lexington.

Upcoming Events:

KOGA Christmas Party
December 16
Bodley-Bullock House, Lexington
Registration Coming Soon

KOGA Annual Meeting
July 19-20, 2017
Marriott Griffin Gate, Lexington

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A Message from KOGA Executive Director, Matt Sawyers

Dear KOGA members and friends,

As the nation gratefully slogs across the finish line of another grueling, expensive campaign cycle, I thought it might be important to take inventory of KOGA's political footprint...

Founded upon years of hard work and leadership from KOGA's board, its previous executive staff, and members throughout Kentucky, the oil and natural gas industry is widely recognized by our political leaders as vital to our state and nation's economic interests. The industry employs thousands of Kentuckians, contributes millions of dollars in severance taxes, and adds over $1 billion to the overall economic pie in Kentucky each year.

But as we all know, our industry is effectively being threatened by excessive regulation and over-zealous anti-fossil fuel activists. For these reasons, it is critically important that the Kentucky Oil and Gas Association remain strong and KOGA's political efforts reflect our goals to educate politicians and the public while encouraging mutually beneficial solutions to the complex challenges of our time.

To meet those objectives, KOGA's staff and leadership spends a significant amount of time and energy cultivating relationships, developing effective communications strategies, and advocating for the best interests of our industry.

I encourage all members to participate in the great American democratic experiment and engage your political leaders on issues important to you. Your efforts will only strengthen KOGA in the long run.

- Matt
[email protected]

Register for the KOGA Christmas Party!

KOGA's Annual Christmas Party will be December 16th at the Bodley-Bullock House. Registration is now open.

For more details and registration information, click here.

Owensboro Hosts Successful KOGA Western KY Meeting

The Kentucky Oil and Gas Association wrapped a tremendously successful quarterly meeting at the state-of-the-art Owensboro Convention Center, September 29. The event included a KOGA board of directors meeting, educational technical sessions, a plated dinner, an optimistic and informative keynote speech from Jim Brooker of Brookston Resources, and concluded with a successful live auction benefitting KOGA's political action committee (KOGA PAC).

The first events of the day were meetings of KOGA's board of directors and the KOGA PAC board. The board of directors meeting included lengthy discussions of staff initiatives and board recommendations to modernize KOGA's meetings and communications. Perhaps the most significant portion of the meeting was highlighted by in-depth discussion of the current regulatory environment and devising strategies to assist KOGA's membership through this challenging landscape.

Dozens of regional operators attended the technical sessions immediately after the board meeting. The attendees heard presentations from and interacted with Scott Smith of the Smith Management Group discussing Quad Oa regulations, Marvin Combs with the KY Division of Oil and Gas discussing reclamation, and Carol McKnight with GZA GeoEnvironmental discussing endangered species.

The evening culminated with a lively terrace reception overlooking the beautiful Ohio River before moving into dinner and the keynote presentation. Describing his argument in detail and depth, Jim Brooker with Brookston Resources made the compelling case that aggressive drilling technologies would unleash tremendous economic opportunity in the Illinois Basin in the near-future... a welcome and exciting observation, no doubt!

Jerry Howard of BOSS Cementing delivered his normal flair as auctioneer for the KOGA PAC live auction to cap off the night. Overall, the Western KY quarterly meeting was a tremendous success. It would not have been possible without broad participation, engagement from KOGA's board members operating in Western KY, and KOGA's exhibitors and sponsors.

We will certainly look forward to our regional meetings in Eastern and Western Kentucky in 2017!

KOGA Featured in American Oil and Gas Reporter

The September edition of the American Oil and Gas Reporter included a 2-page article about all the exciting things that have happened at KOGA during the summer. The article included a nice write up about the new staff members that have joined KOGA and the Annual Meeting.

Click here for the full article .

Just a reminder, you can sign up for a subscription to AOGR for only $5 as a member of KOGA. Contact the KOGA office for more information or look for the option on your dues renewal statement this January!

Take the American Energy Challenge During National Energy Awareness Month

Oil and natural gas organizations are coming together during the month of October to celebrate National Energy Awareness Month and highlight the thousands of products made from refined or processed crude oil and natural gas. As part of that awareness effort, the groups are issuing an "American Energy Challenge" to encourage Kentuckians to think about the everyday impacts of life without the modern benefits of petroleum-based products.

The Kentucky Oil and Gas Association (KOGA) along with its counterparts in Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia will engage the public through educational forums and social media. Each week in October the groups will highlight how these products have improved safety and security, modern medicine and public health, transportation, and overall quality of life.

Kentuckians are encouraged to take the challenge and post their results on social media using the hashtag #AmericanEnergyChallenge.

"Take the American Energy Challenge," said Matt Sawyers, Executive Director of the Kentucky Oil and Gas Association. "You'll find that modern life is just about impossible without the everyday products made from petrochemicals. Fuels, toothpaste, aspirin, shampoo, shoes, cleaning products, batteries, cosmetics and plastics are just some of the necessities of modern life and all made in part from refined or processed crude oil and natural gas."

"The American oil and gas industry supplies the raw materials for products that make us safer, healthier and improve our overall quality of life," said Maurice Royster, President of KOGA. "Artificial hearts, fire-retardant clothing and other health and safety products are just a few examples. Bringing attention to these modern achievements is what the American Energy Challenge is all about."

"Most often we think of oil and natural gas in terms of gasoline for our cars or energy for our homes," Sawyers said. "While these are important aspects of our industry, it only scratches the surface of how American produced crude oil and natural gas is used."

"The oil and natural gas industry makes 21st century life possible in Kentucky. Try and imagine living a day without these products," Royster concludes.

Over 6,000 products are made from refined oil and natural gas, including:

  • Cosmetics such as soaps, cleansing creams, toothpaste, shampoo, hair spray, lotion, cologne, baby oil, lipstick, lip balm, nail polish, hand cream, shaving cream and suntan lotion.
  • Plastics used in sporting equipment, storage containers, toys, toothbrushes, artificial hearts, etc.
  • Medicines such as aspirin, antihistamines, Vaseline, alcohol, ammonia, antibiotics and antiseptics.
  • Synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester and popular dri-fit athletic clothing.
  • Synthetic rubber used in gloves, shoes, boots, tires, hoses, belts and balloons.
  • Carbon black used in paints, ink, cements, batteries, televisions, radios and computers.
  • Waxes used to make candy, gum, candles, crayons and soap.

Click here for an American Energy Challenge Flyer.